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Not surprisingly, we charge different amounts for delivery to different parts of the world. For deliveries outside the UK, we now use only tracked delivery; this is expensive, of course, but we know from experience that regular postal deliveries are too slow and unreliable. Unfortunately, our warehouse is not set up to notify tracking numbers automatically; if you are concerned about the time a tracked delivery is taking, get in touch and we'll get the tracking number.

On the checkout page you must choose the correct shipping option. (Yes, we know the system should be able to work out the right charge from the shipping address you provide, but it can't at present. Sorry.)

Please make sure you get the shipping region right; if you get it wrong, your book will be delayed because we'll need to contact you to extract a further payment. This is a time-wasting hassle for everyone concerned. 

When you make a purchase through the site, your credit card will be charged immediately. Arguably it would be better to charge your card at the moment you order is despatched, but we have not found a practical way to arrange that. You'll find the same with most small-scale online sales operations.

Our book distributor aims to despatch books the day after we receive the order. Because of delays in the postal system during the Covid-19 pandemic, we have now standardised on 1st class post, which is supposed to deliver the next working day. Deliveries abroad take longer. 

Naturally, all of this can be affected by the Covid-19 outbreak. Both our warehouse and Royal Mail are less than fully staffed. Please be patient.

Note: Sorry, but we are no longer sending books to Russia or Brazil. The hassle of dealing with long postal delays and misdirected books wastes too much time and energy.

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