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This is a testbed for a simple system to find flights you might find useful. The data is contains is incomplete, unverified and now completely out of date. But feel free to play with it and let us know if you see potential in it..

The flights tabulated below can be filtered to meet your needs, and sorted. You can use the Filter and Sort buttons at the top of the table or the dropdown menus accessed via the arrows next to the column headings. Particularly useful filters are the two Region fields. These allow you to see only flights from local airports to airports serving your destination – eg West and Dolomites.

The filter system seems to be case-sensitive in some circumstances and not others (sorry!) so be careful with South-East.

You can apply multiple filters, using AND to narrow the choice of flights or using OR to widen it – so someone living in Gloucester, say, might set a filter such as "Where UK Region is West OR Where UK Region is Midlands".

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